Rain Erosion Silo

Brecksville, Ohio, USA

Rain erosion facility available for outside testing of coatings, paint, rubber, plastics, metals,airfoils and more.

The Collins Aerospace Rain Erosion Facility features a 35-foot high cylindrical concrete silo with adjoining control room. A controlled droplet size rain-making fixture, equipped with 1,350 nozzles, is suspended over the axis of the airfoil. Sample speed, rainfall rate and inspection interval for testing is dependent upon requirements specified, with typical conditions of a rainfall rate at one to 10 inches per hour, a droplet size of 2mm and an adjustable speed range from 0 to 500 miles per hour. For heavier rain fall rates of up to 20+ inches per hour, an appropriate sized spray nozzle is selected producing a 100-500 micron droplet size.

Facility Features

  • Available for outside test services
  • Test remotely or with technical assistance on-site
  • Fully automated
  • Test any shape of airfoil section, disk or test specimen weighing less than 450 grams
  • Airfoil recessed on leading edge near both ends to permit test sample installation
  • Wide variety of standard holders are available to test your samples, or can be custom built by Collins Aerospace to suit your needs
  • Flexible scheduling, competitive rates

For more information see document:  Rain Erosion Facility - Brecksville, OH, USA

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