Icing Wind Tunnel

Uniontown, Ohio, USA

More than 80 years of de-icing experience. One of only a few icing wind tunnels available for outside testing in the world.

In 1930, then known as BFGoodrich, we set out to design and manufacture the world’s first pneumatic de-icers. We knew the integrity of our products relied upon the quality of our testing which led to one of the world’s first icing wind tunnels. The relationship between testing and product performance is no different today. As aircraft designs continue to become more complex, the need for advanced methods to test their components becomes more critical.

One of only a few icing wind tunnels available for outside test services in North America, our state-of-the-art facility was originally developed to meet customer test requirements and later opened for outside testing in 1988. Whether customers test independently or rely on Collins Aerospace on-site technical support experience, our Icing Wind Tunnel provides the accuracy of micro-processor controlled testing for fixed wing and rotorcraft applications. Full automation, combined with a quick cool-down time of under 30 minutes, allows us to change conditions rapidly and operate with a single control technician. Re-creating precise in-flight icing conditions demands attention to detail. Our Icing Wind Tunnel is capable of testing to Appendix C icing conditions (14 CFR Part 25, Appendix C).

Wind Tunnel Features

  • Available for outside test services
  • Test independently or with assistance on-site technical support
  • Fully automated
  • Quick cool-down time under 30 minutes, allowing rapid change to conditions
  • Capable of testing to Appendix C icing conditions (14 CFR Part 25, Appendix C)
  • State-of-the-art laser-based Phase Doppler Interferometer (PDI) calibration
  • Tunnel is calibrated per SAE ARP 5905 “Calibration and Acceptance of Icing Wind Tunnels”
  • All instrumentation compliant with AS9100C and calibrated to NIST-traceable standards
  • Hot air-generating apparatus with pressure and temperature control for use when testing bleed-air anti-icing systems
  • Additional services provided, including electrothermal heaters, access to machine shop and on-site office space for longterm testing
  • Flexible scheduling, competitive rates

For more information see document:  Goodrich Icing Wind Tunnel - Uniontown, OH, USA

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